Mobile Device Management

Manage and secure the mobile devices you use to run your business.

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What is mobile device management?
It’s the use of a digital platform that helps you monitor and securely manage your business’s mobile devices.

Even the most secure business can be hacked. Protect your business with cyber insurance today.

What are the key features of mobile device management?

  • Compatibility Supports mobile devices across multiple operating systems
  • Security Policy Management Enforces your network security policies on remote mobile devices
  • Integration with Applications Integrates smoothly with your existing business applications
  • Remote Wiping and Locking Lets you delete sensitive data and remotely lock compromised devices
  • Admin Dashboard and Reporting Allows you to manage and get analytics on multiple mobile devices from one platform

Why is mobile device management important?

Secures your company’s private data
Provides security across all your mobile devices
Offers management solutions on one platform
Lowers your cyber insurance premium

Is your business protected against cyber threats?

Protect it with the right cyber insurance today.

How does CyberPolicy help protect my business?

We use an integrated, three-phased strategy to protect your business: Plan, Prevent, & Insure.


We help you understand and implement the right cybersecurity policies for your business with free cyber planning tools.


We know your company is unique so we only recommend the top cybersecurity tools that your business needs.


Cyber insurance is the most critical part of cybersecurity. We help you compare multiple cyber insurance policies in one place.

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