Business Insurance for Tax Preparers

Business Insurance for Tax Preparers

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Most popular tax preparer business insurance

You know how important attention to detail is. Being covered gives you the peace of mind to be able to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. Top insurance coverages for CPAs and accountants:

Business Owners Policy

Starting at $20/mo
Arriving to the office early one morning, you notice that the back door is ajar. As you walk in, you see that three of your firm’s computers are missing. It’s okay, your Business Owners Policy (BOP) covers the cost to replace your stolen business equipment.

Professional Liability

Starting at $20/mo
Hours before the file deadline, you submitted a client’s tax forms, but missed a numerical error. The IRS has come knocking and your client threatens to sue you for damages. Your professional liability insurance covers your attorney’s fees and keeps you.

General Liability

Starting at $20/mo
Carrying a box of tax documents into your office, a client misses a step and falls face first, chipping their front tooth. Because they were injured on your business’s property, you’re liable for their injury. Your general liability insurance covers their dental and other medical expenses.

Cyber Insurance

Starting at $15/mo
An employee received an email asking for the financial statements of one of your clients. The email looked like it had been sent by you, but it was part of a phishing scam. Don’t worry, your cyber insurance plan covers the cost of damages to your client and your.

Workers Compensation

Starting at $25/mo
Covers you and your employees in the event of a workplace accident or if you miss work because of an illness.

"The people at CyberPolicy go above and beyond plus they are the best at what they do! We simply enjoyed doing business with you. Overall experience, perfect! Thank you to everyone at CyberPolicy for all that you have done for us and an unbelievably pleasant experience."

Alex B. - Ecommerce, Internet Reseller

"Jocelyn was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She followed through when she said she would and made the entire process painless for me. Before talking to her, I had been chasing agents and quotes for over a week. She was able to get everything done in one day!"

Mike K. - Consultant, Project Management

"I have been getting the run around with other companies. Some other companies had rates outrageously high just to get covered. CyberPolicy found me coverage at a reasonable price. Thanks again for the help."

Nery M. - Cable Installer

"I have been trying to get insurance for two weeks with no return calls. CyberPolicy responded very fast and found great coverage for me."

Tanner R. - Exterminator

"The representative was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He followed up several times and his diligence is the reason I continued to do business with CyberPolicy."

Jerry C. - Burglar Alarm Installation

"Felix the agent went out of his way to respond to questions and accommodate me at practically anytime of the day or night. He understood my busy schedule and made this happen and stayed on top of things to pull me over to the finish line. This is important insurance needed for my business allowing me to give customer the much needed confidence to trust in my services."

Alex L. - IT Project Manager/Consultant

"The agent I spoke with was very informative, patient, and helpful. The prices are reasonable, and I like the fact that they shop for the best deal. Also, the agent clearly had a sense for which firms would likely be the best fit for my needs."

Dennis M. - Consultant, Strategic Planning

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