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Business insurance in North Dakota

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Most popular North Dakota business insurance:

Cyber Liability

Starting at $10 /mo
Covers you against data recovery costs, reputation damage, and income loss if your clients’ records are lost or exposed.

General Liability

Starting at $20 /mo
Protects you against third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage while your client is visiting.

Commercial Auto

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Liability and damage protection for vehicles used for business. Crucial for anyone that drives a work truck or van on a regular basis.

Recommended commercial insurance for small businesses in North Dakota:

State of North Dakota business insurance requirements

North Dakota has multiple laws and regulations concerning business insurance requirements across a wide swath of industries operating within the state. The size of your business, industry, and number of employees will have the biggest role in determining insurance requirements for your business. Workers Compensations Insurance and General Liability Insurance are the most common coverages in North Dakota. There are several factors that will mandate Workers Compensation Insurance in North Dakota. A licensed insurance advisor will be able to determine if your business falls within any of these requirements and if any exemptions are applicable.

How much does business insurance in North Dakota cost?

The cost of business insurance in North Dakota can vary widely based on several factors. Business size, industry, and amount of coverage all affect monthly premiums in North Dakota. For example, the cost of a Business Owners Policy for a manufacturing company operating in Fargo will be very different from a Business Owners Policy for a hardware store in Bismarck. Other considerations such as annual sales, payroll, company assets, and claims history also help determine the cost of business insurance in North Dakota. A licensed insurance advisor will be able to identify Business Insurance discounts in North Dakota that you may qualify for, along with discounts for bundling Business Insurance in North Dakota.

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