Endpoint Security

Protect your network by securing the devices that connect to it.

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Endpoint Security
(n.) It’s the protection of your company’s network from cyber threats by securing the devices that connect to it on a daily basis.
What is an endpoint?
An endpoint is any device that connects remotely to your network like laptops, mobile devices, or even a remote server.

Even the most secure business can be hacked. Protect your business with cyber insurance.

What are the key features of security education?

  • Data Breach Prevention Detects and blocks unauthorized activities to stop data loss
  • Application Whitelisting Defines and limits the applications that your business uses
  • Data Encryption Converts your data into code to prevent unauthorized access
  • Anti-Spyware & Anti-Malware Prevents, detects, and removes malicious software viruses
  • Operating System Firewall Scrutinizes data entering your network to prevent cyber attacks

Why is endpoint security important?

Lowers your cyber insurance premium
Minimizes your chances of being a victim of cyber attacks
Protects your network when you’re doing business remotely
Lets you control your company’s endpoint security from a single interface

Is your business protected against cyber threats?

Protect it with the right cyber insurance today.

How does CyberPolicy help protect my business?

We believe in a holistic, three-phased approach to protecting your business: Plan, Prevent, & Insure


We help you understand and implement the right cybersecurity policies for your business with free cyber planning tools.


We know your company is unique so we only recommend the top cybersecurity tools that your business needs.


Cyber insurance is the most critical part of cybersecurity. We help you compare multiple cyber insurance policies in one place.

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