Any business can be a victim of ransomware. Is your business insured?

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What is ransomware
(n.) It’s a malicious software that locks your computer and files, holding your data hostage until a ransom is paid.

How can my computer get infected with ransomware?

  • Through phishing emails and instant message scams
  • An innocent employee downloads a file that contains ransomware
  • Visiting infected websites can automatically download ransomware

How does ransomware harm my business?

  • Even after paying the ransom, you still may not gain full access to your files
  • Some ransomware deletes your backup files so you can’t restore your data
  • Lost revenue during and after the ransomware attack can cripple your business

Ransomware Facts


The amount demanded in ransomware attacks more than tripled (3.6x) in 2016.*


The U.S. is the country most affected by ransomware with 34% of all global attacks.*


Even after paying the ransom, less than half of the victims were able to regain access to their files.*


Ransomware activities increased by 82% in 2016.*

* Source: Symantec

How can I protect my business?

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance helps you get back on your feet if you become a victim of identity theft.

Cyber Education

Educate your employees with the latest cybersecurity best practices and policies.

Endpoint Security

Protect your network and computers with software designed to identify and block cyber threats.

Network Security

Use hardware and software to prevent unauthorized access to your company's network.

Mobile Management

Manage the security of the mobile devices that you use to run your business.

Identity Access

Manage employee and third-party access to your sensitive information.

Are you protected against ransomware?

Compare and find the right cyber insurance for your business.

How does CyberPolicy help protect my business?

We believe in a holistic, three-phased approach to protecting your business: Plan, Prevent, & Insure


We help you understand and implement the right cybersecurity policies for your business with free cyber planning tools.


We know your company is unique so we only recommend the top cybersecurity tools that your business needs.


Cyber insurance is the most critical part of cybersecurity. We help you compare multiple cyber insurance policies in one place.

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