Identity Theft

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What is Identity Theft?
(n.) It’s when someone steals your personal information to commit fraudulent activities, usually for their financial gain.

How does identity theft happen?

  • Your company suffers a data breach and personal information is stolen
  • Through social hacking to gain access to your company’s information
  • An innocent employee who doesn’t know security best practices shares confidential information with an unknown source

How does identity theft harm my business?

  • Your business’s reputation is damaged
  • Financial loss due to interruption in business and lost customers
  • Costly fines or lawsuits could cripple your business
  • Your business’s credit rating could be significantly harmed

Identity Theft Facts


US consumers that experienced identity theft reached an all-time high of 15.4m in 2016.*


In 2016, US consumers had $16 billion stolen from them due to identity theft.*


Nearly half of all stolen identities were used to create fake government documents and IDs.*


Nineteen people fall victim to identity theft every minute.**

* Insurance Information Institute
** TransUnion

How can I protect my business?

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance helps you get back on your feet if you become a victim of identity theft.

Cyber Education

Educate your employees with the latest cybersecurity best practices and policies.

Endpoint Security

Protect your network and computers with software designed to identify and block cyber threats.

Network Security

Use hardware and software to prevent unauthorized access to your company's network.

Mobile Management

Manage the security of the mobile devices that you use to run your business.

Identity Access

Manage employee and third-party access to your sensitive information.

Are you protected against identity theft?

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How does CyberPolicy help protect my business?

We believe in a holistic, three-phased approach to protecting your business: Plan, Prevent, & Insure


We help you understand and implement the right cybersecurity policies for your business with free cyber planning tools.


We know your company is unique so we only recommend the top cybersecurity tools that your business needs.


Cyber insurance is the most critical part of cybersecurity. We help you compare multiple cyber insurance policies in one place.

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