The Robot Takeover: Robotic Vulnerabilities Lead to Cyber Risks

As our technology advances, so do hackers. You build a firewall, they find a security gap; you download antivirus software, they develop a zero-day attack; you hire an IT team, they join forces with other black hat hackers. It seems like we are locked in a perpetual arms race with cyber crooks.

This is especially concerning seeing how industries are quickly adopting automated manufacturing and internet-connected devices to improve their operations. But what happens when a hacker takes over your robot? Will they create major security threat or simply stall your production? Either way, a compromised robot is bad news for your organization.

Luckily, cyber breach insurance from CyberPolicy can protect you from a litany of digital offenses including cyber extortion, data breach, loss of business (due to hacking) and so much more. Supplementing coverage with business insurance from CoverHound, our parent company, will afford your organization additional protection.

Bad Robot
It's no secret that internet-connected technologies are seriously lacking in proper security protocols. With a few keystrokes, hackers can find and infiltrate web routers, security camera, manufacturing robots, home automation devices, heating systems, teleconference systems, traffic lights and a plethora of internet-connected devices for consumers and businesses.

But is it really that easy? It's not like there is a Google search engine for unprotected devices, is there? Perhaps you've never heard of Shodan, a popular search engine for hackers (both good and bad) that navigates the internet's back channels to find web-enabled devices. Once the target is found, a hacker can explore its security measures and hack its password using a list of default credentials or a brute force attack to take ownership of the device.

According to a recent article in Threat Post, robots suffer from many of the same security shortcomings as Internet of Things devices, smart cars and plush toys; and these inadequate security features could result in physical harm or corporate espionage.

Similarly, hackers could launch a Distributed Denial-of-Service or ransomware attack to cripple operations for hours or even days! Could your business survive this kind of downtime? Will your customers understand the halt in operations or do you expect this to damage your reputation?

Robots are increasingly filling factory floors and completing important jobs, but if a hacker is able to get in, they can cause a lot of destruction.

So, are we teetering on the edge of a real-life Terminator scenario? Not exactly. Thankfully, robot incursion hasn't become an epidemic yet. But it's only a matter of time until the prospect becomes valuable enough to capture the attention of malicious hackers. Cybercriminals are already attacking public transportation systems, hospitals and even 911 emergency call centers.

Will your company be next? While you can reduce your chances of becoming a cyber victim by improving your password protocol, avoiding malware downloads and boosting your firewall protection, there is no surefire way to stymie cyberattackers. That's why so many companies are investing in cyber breach insurance.

In the event of a hack or data breach, cyber breach insurance can act as a safety net - saving your business thousands and ultimately preventing bankruptcy. Learn more by visiting CyberPolicy today!

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