The New York Times is on the Russian Hacker's Radar

As has been discussed in earlier posts, hackers have their own reasons for going after particular businesses and organizations. Be it to air their grievances or inform the uninformed, hackers have fall into two categories: heroes and villains. There are the hacktivists that want to bring to light the shady dealings of a business, and there are cybercriminals who want to instigate panic. Cybersecurity insurance helps build a business back up when it has been torn down by cybercriminals.

No organization is safe from the schemes of an ambitious hacker; even organizations that have made it their mission to deliver the facts to the public. To protect your business, get cybersecurity insurance with CyberPolicy.

Nothing is Impervious
It doesn't matter if you believe the work you do is noble, there will always be someone who vehemently take issue with what you do and all you stand for. This can be said of the Russian cybercriminals who have hacked New York Times reporters.

CNN reports that hackers thought to be running their operation for Russian Intelligence have implemented a spur of cyber data breaches affecting reporters at The New York Times and other U.S. news organizations. Currently under investigation by the FBI and other security agencies, the cause of the data breach is theorized to be part of an initiative set by Russian officials to upset the U.S. presidential election. With hacks targeting Democratic Party organizations and news outlets, it's believed these cybercriminals are targeting journalists to learn more about their sources and political contacts.

The Hill cites that the FBI believes these security breaches are part of a broader hacking conspiracy to derail the Times and other new outlets, as well as the Democratic Party. If a group of cybercriminals are dead set on exposing the proverbial skeletons in your closet, even when there are none (unfortunately not so in the case of the DNC hack) they will stop at nothing to prove you guilty of a sin your business has not committed. This means that they will not stop at one cyber breach; they will keep it coming until they find what they want.

What Can You Do?
Though the Times has reported that the Russian hackers were unsuccessful in their attempt steal private information and contrary to what the FBI stated to CNN, this does not matter-what matters is the hacking group's attempt to infiltrate the system. Hackers are motivated by challenge, and the more difficult it is to get into your network, the more enticing it is.

This is why it is incredibly important that as a small business owner you have an experienced IT team who can patch up an insecure network and a cybersecurity insurance package that will cover the monetary damages suffered by your company, employees and customers should the hacker break through your system and gather the intel he had set out to steal.

No one is safe on the internet, no matter what you might think. Get a quote, and find the right cyber insurance policy to protect your business. Our cyber insurance and cybersecurity offerings are now available.

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