The Apple Hack: No Company is Impenetrable

Apple has long been a company associated with prestige, vision and customer loyalty. In delivering a product to the public that has consistently been well made, it was only a matter of time before someone or something would try and besmirch Apple's reputation.

On August 25, 2016, everyone with an iPhone was told to immediately install a security update designed by Apple's tech engineers after it was learned that an Israeli spyware firm had gained access to user software and had been selling it to other state governments. If such a tech giant as Apple can get hacked, do you truly believe your small business has the cybersecurity it needs to remain impenetrable?

The iPhone Hi-jinx
People don't often think of their iPhone as an object that can be hacked into by a cybercriminal. After Apple refused to help the FBI hack into the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter, it was believed that the FBI couldn't readily do it without Apple's help. If an intelligence agency like the FBI couldn't get into the iPhone, could it be expected that anyone else could?

As it would happen, someone else could get into the iPhone without Apple's assistance, and  the FBI paid over $1 million to a company that was able to gain access to the shooter's phone. This new development proved that Apple was not invincible to outsider attack, and that it could happen again.

It did happen again, with a different company and for a different purpose. The Israeli NSO Group sold software to state governments that would aid them in gaining access to calls, emails, text messages and contact lists of anyone in ownership of an iPhone. Through the use of a spear-phishing text message, hackers could easily gather private and sensitive information of without any knowledge of the theft by the iPhone user. The spear-phishing text messages were designed to look like delivery or shipping message updates one might get from Amazon, Google or the Pokémon Company. This would cause the user to tap on the message, and once tapped all of their information would be gathered and stolen, just like that.

Is Your Small Business Safe?
Many small businesses turned large companies develop mobile apps to go along with their website. Imagine that your small business paid to have an app developed, but some good-for-nothing cybercriminal was able to get their hooks in it and turn it into a data trap. If the cybercriminal was able to use your app to steal your customers' information with a simple download or finger tap, it's not the cybercriminal your customers are going to be unhappy with, it's you.

Fortunately, Apple learned of their data breach and issued a security update the same day. Not all companies have that amount of cybersecurity. If you don't have a IT team that can regularly monitor your network, your cybersecurity is at risk.

After a cyber attack, cyber insurance comes in and does financial damage control. Plan, prevent, and insure your small business with CyberPolicy today.

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