Say it out loud: Why you should hype your cyber awareness

Increase confidence in your brand by letting customers and third-parties know you take cybersecurity seriously.

You’ve made the commitment to beef up cybersecurity across your organization. Great job! So, what’s next? Do you wait for a would-be criminal to test your newly minted digital fortress? Here’s a better idea - take this time to build some branding around your security status.

Strengthening cyber awareness and posture is the name of the game for many businesses vying for an edge. Letting everyone outside of your organization know that you are proactive takes it one step further. Talking to clients and third-parties about cybersecurity can be tough, but it is an important message that needs to be shared. It can also be an opportunity to solidify confidence and trust in your organization.

Here are a few steps that you can implement that will make your security strategies more public:

Make your cyber awareness known.

Explicitly tell customers that you take cybersecurity and their confidential information seriously. Many consumers assume that the brands they do business with are secure, but that’s not always the case. Make it known what steps you are taking to safeguard critical information. Email blasts or social media posts are a great way to accomplish this. If you operate a retail site, product pages, shopping carts and check-out pages are all prime locations for a small blurb to make a big statement.

Promote a strong cybersecurity culture through your staff.

Staff members play a crucial role in maintaining a company image. Plus, they have a lot of interaction with outside parties. Spread your message from the inside out through your staff. Consider adding a statement or disclaimer about cybersecurity to everyone’s email signature. Every correspondence sent will be a subtle opportunity to share your message. 

Don’t hide in the fine print of your privacy policy.

While it is important to detail how your company handles and protects confidential information, it is not enough to simply list a series of regulations to which you adhere. The heart of your message will get lost in the formal language and legalese of a privacy policy. Instead, bring your cyber awareness to the About page of your website. A short blurb somewhere on the page, or a sentence added to your mission statement should do the trick.

Obtain cyber insurance.

At its core, cyber liability insurance is a class of business insurance that protects an organization's digital assets (data, servers, software, etc.) against internet-based risks. Many businesses that operate online are familiar with cyber insurance as it is becoming increasingly common. But many business owners are unaware that a cyber insurance policy purchased through CyberPolicy will include a suite of cybersecurity tools. Cyber insurance and the free tools that it includes is the one-two combo of coverage that will fit nicely into organizations across a wide swath of industries. Don’t hide the fact that you have cyber coverage. While customers might be unfamiliar with it, the third-parties and venders you work with will definitely want to hear about it. It provides a level of reassurance that you are safe to do business with.

Final Thoughts

Discussing cybersecurity can be a tough but manageable topic for many business owners, but it is a great chance to solidify trust in your organization. For more information, assistance, and resources about cybersecurity and cyber insurance, visit us online or give us a call at (800) 590-7292. 

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