New Cyber Training Platform Uses Behavior Science to Educate Employees on Cyber Safety

How many times have you opened up an email, Snap or file using public Wi-Fi? Did you know that using said public Wi-Fi could cause irreparable damage to your SMB's server? You're likely asking: How does that happen? Cyber crooks lie in wait on public Wi-Fi to fell unsuspecting cyber prey. If someone opens their work email or signs on to a work-related system using unprotected Wi-Fi, a cybercriminal can steal their credentials and take the company for all it's worth!

If you train your staff to follow proper cybersecurity policy protocol and invest in a solid cyber insurance package with CyberPolicy, you won't need to worry about a cybercriminal burrowing their way into your system.

All you need to worry about when it comes to your business' cybersecurity is making sure that your staff has the tools they need to combat cybercriminals. As it happens, there are businesses working to help their contemporaries fight off cybercriminals. To have effective cybersecurity, you need the training and the insurance.

Who's the Hack? The Importance of Staff Cyber Training
To help business owners train their staff effectively on safe cyber practices, a British startup called CybSafe is "using intelligent software and proprietary analytics [through the startup's] cloud-based platform [that] learns an individual's knowledge level and their behavior patterns to deliver a personalized e-learning program," according to BetaNews.

Users have different cyber experiences to bring to the table. Some know that opening an email from an unknown sender can be dangerous while others are worried that not opening and responding to any and all emails could negatively impact the company in some way. What these staff members need to understand is how to recognize "phishy" emails and how to more effectively use technology without accidentally downloading a virus or sharing pertinent company information with a cybercriminal pretending to be the boss.

Cyberattacks occur primarily by the error of an untrained employee. As reported by Data Privacy Monitor, 37 percent of cyberattacks were caused by human error. Not everyone has the same background or training in cyberspace, thus you should not take your staff's computer knowledge for granted, as they could have very little.

To help train staff on cybersecurity etiquette, CybSafe simulates cyberattacks to help employees learn how to recognize a data breach and what to do if one should occur. By assessing the different skill levels of each employee, a specially-developed program is designed per the skill-level and understanding of the employee. Oz Alashe, the CEO of CybSafe says that "CybSafe transforms cyber awareness training from a box-ticking exercise into an immersive, recurring experience that positively changes security-related behavior."

By keeping your staff abreast on current cybersecurity practices and cyber news, you are helping them to better understand what to watch out for while also better protecting your company.

No one wants to be the person responsible for allowing a cyberattack to happen. Help your employees help the company: offer training! To be doubly safe, invest in a cyber insurance policy with CyberPolicy today!

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