How IoT devices can be used for your home business

Smart devices in homes are commonplace these days with the influx of IoT devices over the past decade. According to Business Insider, there will be 24 billion connected devices by 2020!

Combined with the fact that 69 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs start their business out of their homes, IoT devices have helped automate processes and streamline efficiencies for home businesses.

Here are just a few ways IoT devices can help your home business and what you can do to stay secure:

Voice Assistants  

How to stay secure: Services like Amazon and Google offer 2-step authentication to keep your account secure. Take the extra precaution and update your passwords regularly.

Smart Lighting and Thermostats  

  • Get your meeting room ready with the right lighting and temperature before an important client call.
  • Reduce unnecessary utility expenses with optimal temperature and lighting for your home office.

How to stay secure: Make sure your wifi network that your thermostat is connected to is only accessible through a password protected firewall.

Smart Locks  

  • Grant access to your home office using your smartphone.
  • Automatically lock your doors when you are leaving for off-site meetings.
  • Keep a log of who enters your home for added security.

How to stay secure: Use a 6-digit pin code to unlock your phone and keep your information secure. Don't rely just on fingerprint or face scanners as those can be hacked.

Connected Cameras  

  • Connected cameras such as Nest and Ring are cheaper than traditional CCTV systems.
  • It uses cloud-based storage and stores HD videos of security footage.

How to stay secure: When connecting your camera to your home network, change the camera's default name and password and regularly update the firmware.

IoT devices offer substantial benefits, but cyber risks are included, so you'll need to take additional precautions to secure your devices. The best security precaution you can take is getting cyber insurance. In the event that one of your connected devices is hacked, your home business, your reputation, and your customers will be covered.

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