Hackers for Hire: Why Do People Get into the Hacking Business

When you think of a hacker, you probably picture someone sitting in a dark room, a hood pulled low over their face, their hands hovering above the keyboard as they make quick motioning stabs at the keys with their fingers. You might think they're a person with nothing better to do than to make someone else's life miserable, but there's reason to their madness. Motivation is key, as it is with anything, and if there's one thing hackers love, it's a challenge.

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What's in a Hacker?
People work harder when they have a goal to accomplish. It's incredibly satisfying when you get to cross off a line from a list and know that you've done a good job, it's no different for a hacker.

Hackers are not all one in the same, contrary to what the public may think. Like with any job, program coders turned hackers get involved in hacking for different reasons, be it for political discourse, religious unity, freedom of speech or personal gain. Whatever a hacker's reasoning, breaking the rules are fun, and the thrill is not getting caught.

Hackers involved in hacktivist groups like Anonymous and the Impact Team believe their actions are for the betterment of humanity. By releasing private information and freezing government websites, Anonymous and the Impact Team act as a sort of moral police force for society at large. Due to the large amount of hackers involved in both organizations (and others like them) they are difficult to apprehend. This leaves your cyber security at the battlefront. Mo' hackers mo' problems.

White Hats
Then there are those hackers who use their coding talents for small businesses and companies to help keep their employees and customers safe from the black hat hacker. White hat hackers are computer security experts who have made it their life's work to reinforce weak networks and protect them from other hackers looking to steal information and/or shut down the business.

Financial Freedom
Of course not all hackers are in it to protect the public; some are in it for the thrill of the attack and the financial gain. This type of hacker is known as a cybercriminal or black hat hacker. They work to destroy the network they have infiltrated while stealing pertinent financial information from their unsuspecting victims. Have you noticed fraudulent charges on your company credit card? It could be cyber criminal.

Malicious Objective
This type of hacker penetrates government networks and sells or shares the vital government information with the public or high-ranking officials. Hackers with a malicious objective can fall under the label of hacktivist or cybercriminal, depending on what type of information their stealing, exploiting, hiding or sharing.

What is the one thing all hackers have in common? Motivation. Whether their motivation comes from honorable or dark purposes is found in the conscience of the hacker. Protect your small business today with a cyber insurance policy from CyberPolicy.

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