Global Cybersecurity Found Lacking

The Global Cybersecurity Index recently published its survey categorizing the digital defense efforts of 134 countries, revealing major security gaps worldwide. This is disconcerting, but not exactly surprising. After all, private businesses and individuals struggle with cybersecurity all the time. Why would we think countries would behave any differently?

Luckily, companies that invest in a cybersecurity policy from CyberPolicy can insulate themselves against the financial ruin wrought by hackers and data breaches.

It's a Mad World Out There
There's no doubt that cyberattacks have gotten more sophisticated in recent years: Malware has been designed to override and crash power grids; ransomware has ravaged hospitals and businesses across the globe; distributed denial-of-service attacks have crashed thousands of websites at once; and state-sponsored hackers have corrupted free democratic elections. It's truly a time of nefarious actors testing our resolve.

However, according to the GCI almost every country on earth is lacking in terms of awareness, understanding and knowledge on cybersecurity issues while also missing a capacity to deploy the proper strategies, capabilities and programs to combat these threats.

But there is one exception - Singapore. This Asian island country has a near-perfect approach to cybersecurity, earning the title of \"most committed.\" The United States followed up as #2, falling behind Singapore who scored higher for cooperation. The U.S., however, beat Singapore on legal, organization and growth potential factors.

Still, the survey was full for surprises. For example, the survey found that poorer nations like Malaysia and Oman were actually stronger in cybersecurity than wealthier nations like France or Canada.

That being said, half the respondent countries had no cybersecurity strategy whatsoever! The UN has called the creation of a cybersecurity strategy a \"crucial first step\" for any nation, according to CNET.

"Cybersecurity is an ecosystem where laws, organizations, skills, cooperation and technical implementation need to be in harmony to be most effective," the survey said.

The Corporate Connection
So, what can private businesses learn from this latest global report? Well, we can see that nations around the world are falling behind in the digital arms race against cybercriminals and government-backed hackers. This should be a wake-up call for businesses everywhere that they need to handle their own cybersecurity.

Here are a few tips to bolster your defenses:

  1. Host regular all-hands training sessions to keep employees abreast of digital threats and best practices; after all, you are only as strong as your weakest link.
  2. Demand that every employee uses a robust and unique password for all their accounts, personal and professional. A password manager can help keep these straight.
  3. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to stymie clever hackers and brute force attacks.
  4. Avoid shadow IT whenever possible or, at the very least, disclose the use of unapproved products and services.
  5. Be aware of suspicious email, attachment, links and downloads as these are the primary entry points for most hacking scams.

And finally, invest in a cybersecurity policy from reputable data breach insurance provider. In the event of a cyberattack, we can help cover the financial damages so you can get your business back on track. Visit CyberPolicy today!

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