Everything Employees Need to Understand About Data Breaches

Cybersecurity can seem mystifying to some. But it is absolutely imperative for employees to understand cyber risks and threats so they can defend against them. The only way to impress the importance of these issues on your company culture is to make cybersecurity part of your company culture.

The first step: train your employees to identify data breach risks. Following the tips below will improve your chances of dodging malicious cyberattacks.

Keep in mind though, skilled hackers can slip past any defense if they really want to. All you can really do is make it as difficult as possible. Thankfully, cybersecurity liability insurance from CyberPolicy can defend your company against even the worst of financial disruptions should a hacker penetrate your defenses.

Cut through industry jargon. Employees might not fully understand the costs and consequences of data breach. If you're trying to improve the cybersecurity know-how of your staff, you'll need to cut through industry jargon. While the news cycle might regularly discuss data breaches and cyberattacks, it won't mean much to your workers if they don't understand the terms.

To put it simply, a data breach is a leak of sensitive information outside of your organization. This could include personal information on customers, financial information on partners or even leaked emails from your CEO.

Hosting routine training sessions will do wonders for cybersecurity awareness in your office. But remember, it never hurts to slow down to answer questions and clarify terms.

Set actionable goals. As a business leader, it's up to you to clarify the goals and objective of your organization. Examples include growing your client base by 50 percent over the next six months or cutting operating costs by 20 percent by Q4. Pretty routine stuff, right?

The same strategy can be applied to achieving your cybersecurity goals. If you want to diminish the threat of a data breach in your organization, you'll need to stem the causes of a data breach. How? Here are a few examples:

  • Set a goal to educate every incoming employee about common email and malware scams.
  • Use test emails to improve employee awareness around subjects such as social engineering and phishing.

There are literally dozens of possible goals you can set relating to cyber resiliency. Do your best to research threats specific to your industry and tackle those first.

Make it relevant. Data breaches affect your business and your employees. If a hacker pilfers your personal data, they could leverage stolen Social Security numbers, names, and addresses to commit identity theft on members of your staff.

Luckily, this is completely avoidable. Advise your staff to make smarter decisions online, whether they are inside or outside of the office if they value their personal financial safety. This puts cybersecurity issues right at their preverbal doorstep and impresses the importance of good defense measures.
For more information on cybersecurity liability insurance or updates on the latest cybersecurity news, visit CyberPolicy.

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