Cybersecurity Tips for the Traveling Employee

So, you have a business trip coming up in the very near future. You are excited to meet your clients face to face for the first time in ages. You pack up your laptop and pocket your smartphone; you already expect that you'll have to do much of your work on the go. You log onto the internet at the airport, in your hotel room and at the local coffee shops - completely unaware that you may have opened yourself (and your company) to a plethora of digital threats.

To shield your company against data breach and cybercrime while traveling, consider the tips below. For all the best cybersecurity education and news, visit CyberPolicy.

Lock Your Devices: If you haven't already, lock your devices with a key code or thumbprint. This will make it harder for greedy hands to access data on your device if it is lost or stolen. You should also consider device locator and remote wipe apps.

Beware of Public Wi-Fi: As a business traveler, you likely spend a great deal of time on free public Wi-Fi. But did you know other users can see your online activities over these public networks? It's true. Do your best to avoid online banking or sensitive file transfers over public Wi-Fi. Employ a virtual private network (VPN) to add an extra layer of security to your device.

Embrace Cloud Storage: Transferring sensitive files over email is a big no-no. Instead, invest in an encrypted cloud storage service that allows traveling employees to save or access files whenever necessary.

Disable Bluetooth: When left to its own devices, Bluetooth connectivity can become a liability for users. For instance, a nearby assailant could connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth before making calls and sending text messages without your knowledge. Solutions include turning off Bluetooth when not in use or switching your device to \"non-discoverable\" mode.

Update Software & Security: Just before you take off on your next business trip, ensure that all your applications, software and antivirus programs are up to date. Software developers routinely release security patches to remedy well-known programming flaws. By neglecting to update these programs regularly, you are opening yourself up to cyber incursion for hackers everywhere. Don't make yourself an easy target. Update your apps ASAP.

Use Privacy Screens: It might not sound very high tech, but plenty of information can be gleaned just from peering over your shoulder while you work in public. To stymie prying eyes, you can invest in a simple privacy cover. These flimsy film protectors cover your monitor to obscure your screen from being seen from the side. Not to mention they cut down on glare, which is helpful if you are working in the airport or at a brightly lit coffee shop.

Invest in Cyber Insurance: Of course, there's no such thing as a perfect cybersecurity strategy as dedicated and crafty hackers can breach even the most secure networks on earth. The best thing for you to do is invest in a cyber insurance policy through CyberPolicy. This way even if your devices or data are stolen, you have a safety net to fall back on.

Visit CyberPolicy for your free cyber insurance quote today!

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