Cyber hacks do target small businesses - whether they know it or not

Just because a business is small, it doesn't mean it's safe from cyber attackers.

While Boeing, Under Armour and the city of Atlanta are all recent victims of ransomware and data breaches, the mom-and-pop shop with only a handful of employees should still prepare for the worst when it comes to cyber risk.

“A lot of the cyber savvy criminals out there today are equally targeting the small business as much as they're targeting the larger business,” said Keith Moore, founder and CEO of CyberPolicy, a subsidiary of CoverHound. “They know they can go undetected and not get caught when they go after the smaller targets.”

The insurtech start-up came into the market in October 2016, and has now released new offerings that aim to help small businesses protect against cyber threats, including guided solutions from trusted advisors, resources to educate businesses on potential threats, and a CyberCheckup feature to assess a company's cyber risk level.

The check-up is an online assessment tool that CyberPolicy uses to score the risk level and offer recommendations on how to protect against, as well as prevent, hacks and breaches. The types of businesses the company works with range from bed and breakfasts and mobile service companies, like Sprint, to local retailers and bakeries.

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