9 Traits to Look for in a Cybersecurity Firm

As you already know, cyber insurance providers are essential to keeping your business safe from financial damages in the event of a cyberattack or data breach. But of course, you hope it never gets this far, which is why you want to hire a cybersecurity firm to oversee your operations. But how do you pick the right one?

CyberPolicy looks at the winning traits for choosing a partner in cybersecurity.

#1 - Primary Focus on Cybersecurity

This one should be apparent as soon as you visit the provider's website. Do they focus on cybersecurity or is it simply an add-on to existing services? Make sure you are getting the best advice from a professional organization fixated on proper security.

#2 - Customizable Service Offerings

Do you think a soldier would trust a 'one size fits all' set of armor? Of course not. The firm you choose should offer services tailor-made to your organization's unique needs. Additionally, this will ensure you aren't paying for services unnecessary for your small business.

#3 - Desire for Long-Term Relationship

Your specialized security needs will be best addressed by someone you can work with for years to come. So, make sure the chosen firm is smart, amicable, stable and willing to be your partner far into the future.

#4 - Understands Every Endpoint

Many of today's businesses are embracing 'bring your own device' and 'work from anywhere' policies which are wonderful for productivity, but can open organizations up to cyberattacks. Ensure your cybersecurity provider is capable of handling a diverse network.

#5 - Data-Driven Defenses

A proper security provider must be able to sniff out suspicious behavior on your network. But how do you tell legitimate users from abnormal bots or hackers? Big data collection and artificial intelligence are essential tools in this pursuit. Ask your provider if they offer these services.

#6 - Diverse Client Base

It's best to trust a cybersecurity firm that has years of experience with a diverse client base. This way, they can leverage extensive knowledge they learned through past customer interactions to improve your defenses. Don't be afraid to ask for recommendation from past customers.

#7 - No Conflicts of Interest

Look into the firm's history. Do they work for a third-party vendor, have they supplied user information to the NSA or to advertisers? If so, you might be getting a biased sales pitch rather than expert advice. Do your homework. You won't regret it.

#8 - Exceptional Customer Service

Let's say you discover some worrying abnormalities on your website or network over the weekend. Will your security provider come to the rescue or make you wait until business hours on Monday? If cybersecurity really is a partnership, pick the vendor most inclined to help you in real time.

#9 - Money Matters but Cost Isn't Everything

With more than 60 percent of SMBs declaring bankruptcy in the six months after a data breach, you don't want to skimp on your security vendor. Obviously, you'll want to shop around and compare prices, but remember that the cheapest option isn't always the superior option.

The same can be said about cyber insurance providers. Do the smart thing and research your insurance providers too. Start with your free quote from CyberPolicy today!

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