9 Cybersecurity Improvements You Can Make Today

We often think of cybersecurity as this big, lumbering operation; hard to handle and slow to onboard. But nothing could be further from the truth. By making a few internal improvements, you can dramatically bolster your chances of thwarting hackers and cyber crooks.

Of course, cyber liability insurance coverage should be part of any security plan, but here are nine suggestions for improving your defenses today!

Establishing a Reviews Team: A reviews team is tasked with two important duties. The first is to regularly inspect the network for security flaws and opportunities; the second is to audit the network following a data breach to assess what has been leaked and how.

Host Routine Training Sessions: The more educated your staff is, the less likely they are to fall for phishing emails, bogus software downloads, and other scams. Hosting a 30-minute training session once a quarter or once a month should be enough to make a difference in your office.

Restricting Shadow IT: Your company, like many others, probably has a list of approved sites, services, and products for employees to use. But that doesn't mean staff members won't be tempted to use untrusted products to send, receive, and store sensitive data. Impress upon your employees the importance of avoiding shadow IT whenever possible; or to at least disclose its use to the IT department.

Turning on Auto-Updates for Software Programs: Similarly, you should advise your employees to turn on auto-updates for all their products and software. This will ensure that all the latest security patches are installed on their devices. Otherwise, hackers and cyber crooks can easily weasel their way into your network.

Regularly Backing Up Data: One of the biggest cybersecurity problems faced by SMBs is business downtime. Essentially, a hacker launches an attack designed to cripple your operations for a period of time. This can take a number of forms including deletion or digital exploitation. Protect yourself by backing up important data.

Improving Password Protocol: Every year, news outlets publish the weakest and most common passwords with recommendations on how to come up with better passphrases. And every day someone uses (or reuses) one of the passwords anyway. Take a hint and download a password manager today!

Managing Mobile Devices in the Workplace: ËœBring your own device' policies are great for workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. But did you know they can open up your organization to digital incursion? Make sure your IT team is aware of all devices used for work, on and off the network.

Avoiding Public Web Connections: Free public Wi-Fi connections pose a similar threat. Luckily, this can be remedied by employing a virtual private network or VPN. Once employees log onto the VPN they are afforded the same firewall protections they enjoy when working off the corporate Wi-Fi.

Adopting Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage: Do you want to know what the best part about cyber insurance is? It's the confidence it affords you, that even if you do succumb to some crafty cyber scam, your business won't go under.

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