5 Very Different Strategies to Combating Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a tricky beast. Online threats are constantly evolving, and the consequences of an attack are costly. Thankfully, defensive measures are evolving to meet the challenge.

Every company has its own view on how to prevent cyberattacks. Below are a few common tactics. Explore each technique to see which one will work for your business and your budget. Don't be afraid to experiment. You never know which combination of ideas will work for your needs.

Hiring an In-House IT Team
There are dozens of benefits to hiring your own in-house security team. First and foremost is their availability. If you run into a problem or have a question, you can just walk over to your IT manager's desk. Plus, your IT team will understand your company's unique needs and objectives by virtue of being in the office with you.  

There are drawbacks too, of course. Keeping an IT team on staff can be expensive. You aren't just paying for their time and service. You're also paying for their equipment and benefits. Not to mention that it can be hard to find the talent you need in today's competitive marketplace.

Hiring an Agency
For the reasons above, many small businesses prefer to hire an agency instead. A security agency can come in many forms. Perhaps they will visit your office once a quarter to provide defense recommendations and to inspect your network for signs of incursion. Or maybe they will be held on retainer and will meet problems as they arise. Find a company who is willing to partner with you and can help you set goals for your organization.  

If you're looking to hire an agency, be sure to pick someone who understands your industry. A security firm that specializes in finance might not be the best fit for a healthcare organization. Do your homework before selecting an agency.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence
Whether you hire an in-house team or an external agency, it's important to remember that humans have limitations. People can make mistakes, overlook warning signs, or be unavailable when you need them most. Perhaps this is why more and more companies are adopting AI security programs.

AI and machine learning can fill in the gap human teams leave behind by flagging suspicious activity. A flesh-and-blood security professional can determine which notices are legitimate threats and which are false positives. Over time, the automated program will learn the difference. So far, AI is very successful at assisting companies with their digital defenses.

Building a Culture Around Cybersecurity
None of the above suggestions are cheap. But they are necessary investments in the health of your small business. Then again, some organizations have found an inexpensive way to boost security within their organizations. The solution? Developing a company culture around cybersecurity.  

Try hosting regular training sessions for all your employees. Be sure to cover the most common threats and discuss how to avoid them.

Investing in Cyber Insurance
Even with the most robust security measures, companies can still get hacked. That's why businesses of all sizes need to invest in cyber insurance. This vital service provides a financial safety net for organizations hit by cyberattack or data breach.  

Don't fork over thousands of dollars when you don't have to. Just contact CyberPolicy for a free cyber insurance quote. It could be the difference between bankruptcy and a healthy small business.

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