5 Tips to Ramp Up Your Health Clinic's Cybersecurity

Technology and healthcare go hand-in-hand in making our lives safer and happier. But did you know that the healthcare industry is the #1 target for cyberattacks? It's true! Turns out cyber crooks are extremely interested in breaching healthcare networks, stealing patient information and extorting funds from clinics.

Cybersecurity in healthcare is imperative if you want to keep your organization running smoothly. Below are a few tips to get your started.

Build a Security Culture
Your employees are bright people, equipped with the skills necessary to deliver excellent care to your patients and support to your clinic. That being said, they are still human and vulnerable to hackers' tricks.

Did you know that the majority of data breaches are rooted in employee negligence? Try hosting regular training sessions to discuss best practices regarding spam emails, online downloads, phishing scams, software updates, website redirects and more.

You'll be glad you did.

Plan for Disaster
If your clinic was breached right now, would you know what to do? Would you even be able to detect it before things got out of hand? All too often healthcare organizations lack even a basic contingency plan.

Start by creating a chain of command; something that gives clear direction regarding to whom incidents should be reported. If you work with an external IT team, be sure to discuss a course of action. Next, quarantine the problem and look for additional damages. Try backing up your data regularly to prevent information loss or corrupted records. Finally, report the incident to the proper authorities and to your patients.

Promote Password Protocols
Remember to use strong passwords and change them regularly. Cybercriminals can crack a flimsy password with a brute force attack and then use that same password to access any and all accounts with those same sign-in credentials.

Once inside, hackers can do anything they want: Pilfer patient records for sale on the dark web, send bogus emails to your coworkers, hide malicious software in your network, etc. Don't make it easy for them. Use robust and unique passwords!

Establish Basic Security Measures
It should go without saying, but you will need to set up a firewall to protect your clinic from unwanted digital eavesdroppers and hackers.

Similarly, you'll want to invest in anti-virus and anti-malware software to stymie harmful programs from invading your network.

Control & Limit Access
How far can an intruder delve into your network after hacking only a single employee? Security-minded organizations know that providing workers blanket access to everything in your network is bad for business.

Instead, create various silos for your employees. This way they can access the data necessary for their jobs without opening your clinic to cyber catastrophe.

Invest in Cyber Insurance
While most cyber crooks are looking for an easy target, some are specifically motivated to hurt your clinic. If a hacker is able to circumvent your defenses, you'll want a safety net to fall back on.

That's why CyberPolicy offers cyber insurance to protect clinics like yours from the harmful effects of data breach, digital incursion or cyberattack.

Do the right thing for your patients, your employees and your organization. Invest in cyber insurance from CyberPolicy today!

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