5 Things More Expensive Than Cyber Insurance

Many businesses and organizations view cyber insurance as an optional add-on to their existing liability insurance. Small businesses often believe it's out of their price range, or they're too small to be on a hacker's radar-when they grow, then they'll get coverage.

But it's a myth that cyberattacks only affect large companies; 71 percent of cyberattacks occur at businesses with fewer than 100 employees. The good news? Cyber insurance cost for SMBs just might pleasantly surprise you.

Cyber insurance premiums factor in the policyholder's revenue, size and coverage needs. What works for company A, an established corporation, will be excessive for company B, a small startup with a few employees. For example, a small business owner's first encounter with cyber insurance might have been reading about how Target Corp. landed in hot water after having $100 million cyber insurance coverage limits for an estimated $300 million data breach back in 2013. So many zeroes make cyber insurance seem like something that only applies to the "big guys," when really, it's applicable across a spectrum of industries and companies.

Nextech illustrates this point well by comparing a hospital's cybersecurity needs ($42,000 annual premium for $5 million of coverage) with the needs of a small doctor's office ($649 a year for $500,000 in coverage). In this case, the small practice would pay just over $50 per month to insure themselves against a data breach. Suddenly, coverage is looking more attainable.

Here are five things more expensive than cyber insurance:

Streaming TV
If you're like most television enthusiasts, it's unrealistic to subscribe to only one streaming service. You need HBO NOW to get your weekly Game of Thrones fix ($15), Netflix to binge-watch those Originals like Master of None ($10), and Hulu for your favorite series ($8). Amazon Prime is even in the streaming game, with a buffet of titles to enjoy,provided you can shell out $99 annually. Once you factor in the fast internet connection you need, you're looking at a monthly bill that could actually be higher than basic cyber insurance premiums.

Dining Out
Speaking of TV, remember Tom and Donna's famous mantra from Parks and Recreation? If you do, in fact, "treat yo self" to a nice dinner every so often (or even late-night takeout after a long day of work), the cost for the food, drinks and tip can easily eclipse a monthly cyber insurance premium.

Getting a Dog
Of course, the love of a faithful companion is priceless. But vet bills, supplies, grooming, boarding and food are not. The first-year cost for owning a dog alone is $1,720. Adding a pampered pooch to the family will cost more than adding cyber insurance to your business plan.

You're running late and you have to get across town in a hurry. What do you do? Probably jump into an Uber or Lyft. Taking just a few rides per month in a big city-to the airport, home from the bar, to a business meeting-adds up over time. One Virginia woman even ended up paying over $640 for a 30-mile ride to the airport during a snowstorm.

A Latte a Day
There's no shame in needing a little caffeine to get through the daily grind. But swinging by your favorite corner coffee shop every morning can add up. Let's say you spend $5 per day, four days a week. That's $80 per month, or $960 per year-more than some cyber policies.

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