5 Risks Involved When You Don't Maintain Cybersecurity Checks

Did you know that the vast majority of cybersecurity incidents can be avoided? It's true. All it takes is a little more attention to detail, a little more investment in your defenses and a little more cybersecurity know-how from your staff. Sadly, many organization skip these all-important steps and unwittingly open themselves up to cybersecurity risks.

Sure, cyber risks insurance can safeguard your company against financial ruin due to data breach or cyberattack. But it's far better to avoid an incident all together. Below, CyberPolicy provides a few common pitfalls that keep organizations from realizing their security potential.

Failing to Conduct Cybersecurity Checks
Some SMBs forego cybersecurity checks either because they believe they are a waste of time or because they believe their company is too small to be targeted by a cyber crook. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, hackers are more attracted to SMBs because they often lack the defenses to thwart their attacks.

If you want to be fully aware of your organization's strengths and weaknesses, it is absolutely imperative that you develop a cybersecurity checklist that you can run through on a regular basis.

Not Patching Wonky Code
Occasionally strange and unfamiliar code appears on the backend of your website. While these are often negligible coding errors, they can sometimes signal a bigger problem. For example, hackers often inject SQL commands into a website as a method of commanding the platform to perform some nefarious function. If you don't dive into the code every now and then, you could miss these dangerous anomalies.

Postponing Software Updates
Similarly, you will want to keep your software, add-ons and antivirus programs up to date. Digital crooks like to stay current on the latest security gaps; and when you postpone important software updates, what you are really doing is opening yourself and your organization up to disaster.

If you get tired of seeing repetitive alerts to update your software, as many people are, you can turn on automatic updates. This will let programs renew themselves in the background without requiring your approval or oversight.

Neglecting Cybersecurity Training Sessions
Believe it or not, the greatest risk to your cybersecurity lurks inside your very own offices and goes by the name 'employee negligence.' Numerous studies have shown that inattention and forgetfulness can severely impair your defenses. In fact, all its take for a hacker to infiltrate your network is a single careless click on a malicious email or phony web link.

To combat these common threats, the best thing you can do is host regular training sessions to refresh everyone's memory about cybersecurity best practices.

Foregoing Cyber Risks Insurance
Last but not least, you'll want to invest in cyber risks insurance from a reputable provider. If you are struck by a cyberattack or your data is leaked due to a negligent employee, your cyber insurer can help you assess the damages, cover the costs and combat any class-action lawsuit that might arise from data mismanagement.

Interested in learning more about cyber risks insurance? Visit CyberPolicy today for your free quote! It's just one more thing you can mark off your security check list.

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