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Financial Strength Ratings:
Standard and Poor’s - AA (Very Strong)
A.M.Best - A+ (Superior)

  • Exceeds customer expectations with new and affordable insurance solutions 
  • Pays claims quickly to help customers get their lives back on track 
  • Treats customers with equal parts respect and empathy
  • Rated A++ from A.M. Best, which rates the financial strength of the top insurance companies in the world

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How did Progressive earn its reputation?

I had some rather large issues with a previous auto insurance company. After doing some research online, I came across Progressive. The first thing that caught my attention was the rates. For nearly the exact same price as my last auto insurance premium, I got 50% MORE coverage and was able to upgrade from limited tort to full tort! When their commercial tells you they can save you money on car insurance, they aren't kidding!

“This difficult situation was made much simpler with the help of the Progressive agent”

Sure, Progressive can save you money, but what else can they do? A couple of years ago, I pulled up behind a large SUV at a tollbooth. The driver of the SUV became impatient with the tollbooth attendant and threw his car in reverse. He collided with the front of my compact car with such force that it caused my car to slam into the vehicle behind me! 

This was my first accident; I didn't know what to do. I got the license plate number, name, phone number of the driver, and his insurance information. The SUV driver told me he'd pay for the damages before driving off. I tried contacting him several times and left numerous messages. I never heard from him again. A Progressive agent helped me through everything!   

The agent called the owner of the SUV multiple times. He kept me informed of each attempt and of the progress being made. The Progressive agent got my car in the shop and had my rental covered through the SUV owner’s insurance company.

I was terrified my rates would increase after the accident. The agent explained to me that my premiums would not change because I wasn’t the one at fault. While my car was being repaired, I was able to check on its progress and the status of my claim all online. This difficult situation was made much simpler with the help of my Progressive agent.  

My agent explained to me that even if the car accident had been my fault, my insurance rates would not have increased, thanks to Progressive’s "accident forgiveness" policy. What a perk! I decided to expand my policy and include roadside assistance, and it didn’t disappoint! I’m a bit of a scatterbrain, and have locked my keys in the car on more than one occasion. Progressive’s roadside assistance has come to my aid every time! 

I have been with Progressive for nearly four years now and have never looked back!

Kay E. Pittsburgh


Since its inception in 1937, Progressive has been at the forefront of insurance innovation. For over half a century, Progressive has offered customers competitive insurance pricing, superior products, and excellent customer service. Today, Progressive offers customers competitive rates and 24-hour in-person and online services throughout the nation.

What does Progressive insure?


  • Auto Insurance
  • Health Insurance, Life Insurance


  • Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance
  • Flood


  • General Liability, BOP
  • Commercial Auto Insurance


  • Pet Insurance, Travel Insurance
  • Auto Financing, Auto Refinancing
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